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“Since 1940, we have proudly carried on the charcuterie tradition typical of Italy and Brescia. We have hand trussed our salami ever since our grandfather Ottavio created and perfected the recipes we still use today.
Today we are an important player in the processing of fresh meat and the production of charcuterie, but our heartfelt desire is to serve our customers just as we did when we ran a family butcher’s shop.
Tradition, technology and supervision all along the supply chain to offer you what our family has always loved doing.”

Luca, Andrea, Paolo, Francesco, Davide e Clara Aliprandi


Our firm started out in 1940, thanks to the commitment of Ottavio, followed by Luigi and Ferdinando Aliprandi. Even as a boy, Ottavio Aliprandi had been interested in the art of charcuterie, known to our family and practised in their Gussago shop, in Franciacorta. His mother Vittoria had sent him to learn the trade with a family of pork butchers, paying for his board and lodgings.
Later on, Ottavio started to slaughter pigs for the family charcuterie business and, subsequently, assisted by his sons Luigi and Ferdinando, began processing meats and producing fresh sausages and cured meat specialities. In 1992, the third generation of the Aliprandi family took over the management of the business; with the help of a young, expert and motivated staff, Andrea and Luca have expanded the business to the point that it is now a key player on domestic and international markets, without ever betraying the traditional high quality and the philosophy typical of a family business.

A spirit of collaboration and a passion for our work. These are the values shared by all members of the Aliprandi family and its staff. Together, we have always shared and followed these rules:

scrupulous selection of meats, close acquaintance with the breeders and the breeding methods applied, scrupulous on-going quality control;
charcuterie produced exclusively from meat bred in Italy and the Padana valley, traditional salting, curing and ageing methods;
close attention to customer requirements and suggestions, in order to offer a tip top service.



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